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Anniversary Celebration!!

It’s official! Let’s celebrate the first anniversary of Valentin Forever!! I am so exited to have achieved this goal. The first year they say it’s the hardest and I agree! I wanted to give you an insight of what it’s been like to build my personal brand in hopes to motivate you and inspire you to go after your dreams!

I loved the way Susie Moore said “I’m happy to take imperfect actions”.  That’s exactly what my entire year was about. I would say the hardest thing was to actually START. I had so many ideas going 100 mph in my head and yet I couldn’t get my self to do any of them. I was afraid of everything for some reason and did a lot of self sabotaging through out this whole year. Learning something new and growing up takes guts, patience, and passion. I kept going because I knew I loved building my brand and I loved sharing my experiences with you.

I personally didn’t know how to use any of the platforms I now use to create and share my content. I literally started from NOTHING and THAT kept me going. Even if no one read/saw my content, the fact that I learned and grew from doing so made it worth it. I remember having to YouTube every single thing I wanted to do for a simple sit down video. It used to take me 50 hours to be able to produce ONE video on my YouTube channel!

My blog has been the most challenging since I’ve never used WordPress before. I still google and YouTube everything I want to do for my blog because I want to make sure I am adding quality to my content. I really had to put myself  out there and search for blogging communities to get all the support needed to get through this year. I couldn’t have done it without the help of all the amazing people out there who are willing to share from their experiences on how to build their content.

I hope this strikes you like a lighting bolt of motivation and helps you go after your dreams. Whatever it is, remember life IS short and you should go for it! You will feel much better once you go for it! The worst part is living with all those ideas and never knowing what would of happen. Don’t be afraid of looking like a beginner and focus on what you would love to see happen. Thank you for supporting me and my blog. I am so exited that I get to blog and share my life with you all. Love you so much VFFs!!



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