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    Valentine’s Day looks

    Valentine’s Day outfits inspiration! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with it comes the opportunity to dress up for the occasion. February 14th calls for an excuse to celebrate with the people you love. A night out with your Gal’s, a romantic date or a time well spent watching Netflix while eating take out. No matter what you decide to do on February 14th, I got styling tips to help you look your very best and show your Valentine’s Day vibes. I played around with different looks with what I had in my closet in hopes to inspired your own Valentine’s Day Look.

    Outfit #1 -Casual

    This first look was created around a red jersey style dress I got from Zara. I love clothing pieces that make a statement and even tho this dress is made with a very casual material, the bold red color and the sassy quote makes it a statement piece. All it needs is the perfect accessories!

    This look is a very casual, yet a fun outfit you could wear. It’s super comfortable and very easy to style. All you need is a cute belt or bum bag to give it more of a form fitting shape and cute stockings.

    In addition, Dr. Martens are my go-to style of shoes. They give a little retro edge mood to the outfit while providing much needed comfort. Outfit # 1 can be worn with heels, point toe ankle boots, ballerina flats, and even sneakers! The possibilities are endless and the end result is so much fun!

    Outfit # 2- Sexy

    This second outfit is a little more sexy than the one before. I can’t imagine a Valentine’s day without lace or satin fabrics. This outfit was created around this lace one piece bodysuit that I got at Nasty Gal. The lace details gives it a feminine and sophisticated look to this outfit. I paired it with a gold dainty necklace also from Nasty Gal. The combination of the lace with the delicate necklace give this look a very girly aesthetic.

    In the same vein, I decided to play with textures for this outfit and combined the lace details with the roughness of corduroy to give it more edge to the look. The corduroy top and skirt are a set I got from EGGIE shop. For this look I decided to wear suede thigh high boots in case the weather gets little chilly. This outfit can be worn for a date night or a Galentine’s night out. You could also wear point toe ankle boots, heels, and even sneakers with this look according to where you are going to wear it for.

    Outfit #3- Dressy & Playful

    You guess it! Satin fabric, bold red dress. This dress is from EGGIE Shop and is super cute. I paired it with polka dot stockings and a dainty key necklace.

    In addition, this satin red dress comes with shorts so it’s very comfortable. You could add a teddy bear style jacket and some thigh high boots if the weather is too cold to wear it by itself. This outfit will also go well with a white or black turtle neck sweater inside it. Can also be worn with heels, or cute ankle boots.

    Outfit #4- Work Look

    Further more, outfit #4 is something I could weak for work. This outfit has a cropped red sweater with bell sleeves and a high waisted, black and white checker pattern ankle length pants I got from UniQlo. It’s so fun to play with patterns and fabrics. Mixing a bold red with black always go well together. The contrast between the colors makes this outfit a fun work look.

    For outfit #4, I added a black belt and some gold statement earrings to complete the look. This outfit will also go well with ballerina flats, and ankle boots.

    Outfit #5- Sexy Casual

    Outfit # 5 & Outfit #6 are a variation of Outfit #2 previous one. This one I decided to style the lace jumpsuit with mom jeans and a red cardigan to give it a more effortless mood to the sexy lace. The jeans are from Abercrombie & Fitch. The red cardigan is from EGGIE. I paired it with heels and a black belt, but this outfit will also go well with flats, and even sneakers. Notice little Charles Bass in the picture! He’s too cute!

    Outfit # 6- Pink on Pink on Pink

    For this outfit, I decided to style the same corduroy skirt from EGGIE with a different top. I got this dusty rose top from EGGIE and together they look so aesthetic. I love how the settle tones of pink go so well together. This outfit goes well with a cute backpack, statement earrings and some thigh high boots.

    I really hope you enjoyed this post. I wanted to inspire your Valentine’s Day look to be a reflection of your best self. I love putting together outfits that go with different occasions. More like I love seeing how different pieces create a totally different look. Of course any look is not complete without makeup! Check out my Ultimate Makeup Routine post for more information. For more style inspiration, don’t forget to check out my You Tube channel and follow me on IG! I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day!

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    Fall Outfit Ideas

    Cute & comfortable Fall outfit ideas that you can easily recreate and rock for Thanksgiving.


    Fall is the most beautiful season of all! I love it so much because it brings upon cozy moods. You know, the weather starts to cool off and makes you want to walk outside to enjoy the leaves changing colors. At the same time, makes you want to stay home curled up with a blanket watching movies with a hot beverage. Ugh, I love everything about it! Here are my Fall staples that will complete your Fall outfits and will give you all the feels!


    Sweaters & Boots

    I got this cute & cozy yellow sweater from EGGIE. Is cropped so you can rock it with high waisted bottoms. I picked my Hollister High waisted skinny jeans with the Sunny Days Jumper. Check out the Hollister Black Friday sales. You can find this jeans for super affordable prices. This will go well with high waisted skirt or high waisted pants. It’s so soft and comfortable making it the perfect fall outfit top.

    Boots are so much fun to wear! I love wearing them with jeans, skirts, and jeans. I got two boots from Alegria because I have to wear shoes that have orthopedic soles. Let me tell you, they are sooo comfortable! The Brown boots with the plaid pattern are called “Pumpkin Boot”! How perfect! The black ones I show in these pictures one is from H&M and the other ones are from Alegria. Both are easy to style as well as comfortable to wear all day long.


    This muted pattern skirt is a great way to style a cute Fall outfit that allows you to stay comfortable while looking pretty. I got this skirt from Zara. It has shorts under and an elastic waist band that makes it super comfortable to me in. I styled it with a classic black turtle neck and my black boots.


    Velvet rose gold skirt from JCrew is another one of my Fall outfits staple pieces. I got it on sale from Poshmark so it was super affordable. It has an elastic waist band and it’s really soft. I decided to style it with black tights and black boots to make the skirt color pop.


    Believe it or not, I got this blanket scarf from Groupon!! I am so impressed by how cozy and cute it is. I paired it with my JCrew skirt and black boots. I wrapped it around my neck, but you can actually wear it as a poncho look. Scarfs are the way to go when it comes to Fall outfits.

    Velvet Dress

    Fall is the perfect excuse to bring out the velvet pieces in your closet. I found this beautiful blue velvet dress at TJ Max. It has a boho look to it that I love. You can dress it up or dress it down depending on where you are going.



    I got this orange kimono coat from Poshmark, but it’s actually from EGGIE shop. I love how versatile it is. You can wear it for different seasons. I styled it with a velvet camisole and my light wash mom jeans. I dressed it up with some platforms sandals. Coats like this always make you look stylish and put-together.


    I added all the links I could find to the pieces I shared in case you want to shop. I have to say I love Fall fashion and I hope you have a stylist Thanksgiving day celebrating with your loved ones!


    **This post is not sponsored and I bought all the pieces with my own money.



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    Instagram Worthy Spots at Epcot

    Epcot is picture perfect all around. Here are a few of my favorite spots to take pictures and capture the Disney magic with every snap. Here I share all my Instagram favorite spots to take pictures of.

    Picture Perfect Spots


    As you enter the world showcase, you find a garden featuring the boss Mickey Mouse!



    Right behind the fountain they have a backdrop all set up with a cast member ready to snap pictures.



    They also created a garden to enjoy a glass of wine. It looks super romantic!



    On the other side of the fountain, they have a huge area that is perfect to capture pictures with the Epcot ball and the Food and Wine signs.


    World Showcase






    Which one is your favorite spot?



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    Anniversary Celebration!!

    It’s official! Let’s celebrate the first anniversary of Valentin Forever!! I am so exited to have achieved this goal. The first year they say it’s the hardest and I agree! I wanted to give you an insight of what it’s been like to build my personal brand in hopes to motivate you and inspire you to go after your dreams!

    I loved the way Susie Moore said “I’m happy to take imperfect actions”.  That’s exactly what my entire year was about. I would say the hardest thing was to actually START. I had so many ideas going 100 mph in my head and yet I couldn’t get my self to do any of them. I was afraid of everything for some reason and did a lot of self sabotaging through out this whole year. Learning something new and growing up takes guts, patience, and passion. I kept going because I knew I loved building my brand and I loved sharing my experiences with you.

    I personally didn’t know how to use any of the platforms I now use to create and share my content. I literally started from NOTHING and THAT kept me going. Even if no one read/saw my content, the fact that I learned and grew from doing so made it worth it. I remember having to YouTube every single thing I wanted to do for a simple sit down video. It used to take me 50 hours to be able to produce ONE video on my YouTube channel!

    My blog has been the most challenging since I’ve never used WordPress before. I still google and YouTube everything I want to do for my blog because I want to make sure I am adding quality to my content. I really had to put myself  out there and search for blogging communities to get all the support needed to get through this year. I couldn’t have done it without the help of all the amazing people out there who are willing to share from their experiences on how to build their content.

    I hope this strikes you like a lighting bolt of motivation and helps you go after your dreams. Whatever it is, remember life IS short and you should go for it! You will feel much better once you go for it! The worst part is living with all those ideas and never knowing what would of happen. Don’t be afraid of looking like a beginner and focus on what you would love to see happen. Thank you for supporting me and my blog. I am so exited that I get to blog and share my life with you all. Love you so much VFFs!!



    Check out my Anniversary Videos on my YT channel!!

    All picture credits go to Yridian Martinez. Follow her on Instagram @yris_mtz and show her some love <3!

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    Ultimate Makeup Routine For Acne prone Skin


    I decided to share my everyday makeup routine. I am no makeup artist, but I do know how to help my skin look the best it can be. Here I will share my most personal details of how I struggled with acne prone skin and how I use makeup to hide my insecurities.

    Growing up, I always struggled with acne prone skin. Dealing with acne was something that was holding me back from feeling my best self. I always felt like hiding every time I had a breakout. Finally, in 2009 I was able to get acne treatment called Accutane. This treatment is very intense and has a lot of side effects. As I was going through the treatments I got some side effects such as: bad acid reflex, super dry lips, and suicide thoughts. Once I finished the treatment my skin looked great, but I continue to struggle with gastritis.

    Now, I am back to struggling with acne due to hormonal issues (PCOS). I decided it’s time for me to take control and not let acne hold me back from feeling beautiful! I came up with a makeup routine that lasts me all day and that doesn’t give me more breakouts. I made a video if you want to watch how I apply the products I am sharing on this blog post. Here’s the link to my Makeup Routine Vlog.

    Here are my Holy grail  Makeup Routine products:

    Moisturizer for Combination Skin

    This Mary Kay moisturizer makes my skin look smooth and silky and not greasy. I apply it before I put makeup and also before I go to bed.


    This Mary Kay primer it’s amazing and it last me for 3-6 months. It makes my makeup glide through and stay all day without looking greasy. I love that it has SPF 15. I discovered that having the SPF on my primer rather than on my foundation products makes my makeup last longer. A great dupe for this prime I would say is the ELF primer for $4 at your local drugstore.


    This Mary Kay TimeWise Matte-wear foundation is my BFF! This tube last me 3-6 months. This foundation provides me with a coverage that I can build up (depending on my breakouts) and becomes flawless without looking cakey. I love applying it with a brush. I also tried it with a beauty blender if that’s your thing. I can’t say enough how much I love this foundation. Believe me I’ve tried sooo many foundations before finding this one. I’ve been using it wince 2011 and I just think it works so well for my skin.


    I am obsessed with Kat Von D Tattoo liner because it’s so easy to apply. It’s like using a sharpie on your eyelid. This pricey eyeliner is so intense and glides through my eyeshadow. I absolutely love it. It makes the wing eye look easy with the felt tip. I can’t use many eyeliners because my eyes are really sensitive and get all red and swollen. However, this eyeliner doesn’t give me allergies and it last me all day.

    Do you struggle with acne prone skin? What products are in your holy grail makeup routine? Leave me a comment about it.  I would love to hear about it and try your favorite products.

    Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to subscribe for more blog post!





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