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    Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2018

    Hello VFFs! I am so exited to share my first impressions about Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2018. We went to the Magic Kingdom to get a good dose of Holiday cheer and to celebrate my birthday. It was as magical as you would expect it to be. So many things to do, so many things to see! If you are wanting to know more about it, here are my personal highlights and tips for you.

    First of all, let’s talk about what is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party about. This is a special ticketed event were you get to enjoy Magic Kingdom park and attractions from 7pm- 12am. During this holiday event, they have special events, specialty foods, complimentary treats and more. They decorate the park  so festive bringing everyone a great dose of Christmas cheer. Their decorations are so jolly and adorable like this gigantic red ornament. The park decorations are perfect for family pictures and for those like me who do it for the Gram! They have many photographer stations for guest to take beautiful Christmas pictures.

    Next, I will have to tell you that people were dressed up in their must festive holiday outfits. Scrolling down main street you would see all the beautiful light up Mickey ears that are exclusively from this special event. Families and friends were dressed up with matching pijamas. Yes, pijamas! Why didn’t I think of that? Ugly sweaters everywhere giving this event an extra Feliz Navidad vibes. 

    I decided to wear my EGGIE Red Romper dress with my black velvet Dr. Martens and my new Disney Tokyo Oswalt ears and passholder! 

    Now is time to talk about the free stuff! Through out the park they have giant candy canes to let guest know they can get complimentary treats. They have them station all through out the park. This is where you can get your free cookies and drinks such as hot chocolate, eggnog, apple cider and even snow cones! This year they have the cookies individually wrapped so guest have the option to save them for later. You can get as many as you want and it was nice to have the option to take it home. There is so much to do and so many treats to catch that the time for it all flies by.

    In addition to their complimentary treats, they have specialty treats available for purchase. If you are a foodie like me, I would recommend you to watch this video from DFB Guide because they share all the specialty treats and show you where to get them so you know more about what to expect.

    It’s time to talk about the shows! Disney characters come out to share their holiday spirit all over the park. They have castle shows, Tomorrow Land parties, and of course the amazing holiday parade. So much fun to watch! It’s really hard to pick what to do with so much going on. I almost forgot to tell you that they even make it snow on Main St! I want to go back and do it all over again! 

    Here is the beautiful Parade! It was so much fun to see all the characters dancing on Main St. The best spot to watch the parade is near the castle! They have two parade rounds which is perfect because you can enjoy all the other events and still see the parade. 

    I saved the best for last! The fireworks show was incredible! It felt like they were going off all night. Very Merry Disney Magic I would say. I would definitely recommend my VFFs to go experience it for yourself. The park gets very packed, but for some reason the lines to the rides are very short. We were able to ride the 7 dwarf ride with a wait of 15 minutes. The Tea Party ride had no wait time. It was just so much fun to be at Disney at night celebrating my birthday. This experience will be something I will forever be grateful for! 

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    Epcot Food and Wine Faves 2018

    Another year at the Food and Wine festival and it did not disappoint! Here are the best of the best from our visit!

    Favorite Food



    It’s hard to pick a favorite with so many delicious options.I have to say  “Canada you did it again!” with their mouth watering filet mignon. “Le Cellier” wild mushroom beef filet mignon with a truffle-butter sauce was winner!



    They also had the Canadian Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Soup served with a pretzel roll. This soup is so creamy and rich in flavor. It’s perfection!




    We enjoyed the Beijing Roasted Duck Bao Bun with Hoisin Sauce. The bun was fluffy and the duck was tender and juicy. I wanted to eat like three of them!



    We also tried the Xi’an Pancake with beef and it was incredible! **Disclaimer: My pictures and videos from China got deleted 🙁 so this picture is from Disneyfoodblog.com!**





    I had to get the Teriyaki Chicken Bun. Looks like a pastry and tastes like heaven! I could eat like five of these. It looks as good as it tastes!





    We enjoyed Mexican cuisine from a booth just outside Mexico. It had corn tortilla tacos filled with carne asada and with a side of corn mixed with cheese and spices. It makes you feel like you actually took a trip to Mexico. It was amazing!



    We also tried the jalapeno margarita. It has just the right amount of jalapeno to give it a kick to every sip.


    Light Lab Experience


    We had to go see the Light lab experience. It has very cool vibes and it has a/c. We tried the Playalinda Brewing Co. Red Cherry Tart and GrassLands Brewing Co. Green Kiwi Blonde.



    Honestly, everything sounds delicious so no matter your taste I am sure you will find your fave!


    1. Go on a weekday! We have been on weekends and the lines get pretty long and it gets very packed. We went on a Monday and it was the best decision ever! We did not have to wait in line for food and we could find places to sit and enjoy the day.
    2. Take advantage of a free fast-pass! Once you purchase your ticket check out the Disney app and sign up for special perks. We took advantage of this and scored a fast pass ticket to Soarin.



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    Fall Magic at Disney Springs!

    Fall is here! It’s my favorite time a year!! I’m falling in love with all the Autumn decorations, foods and celebrations.  Get ready to see all the Instagram picture perfect spots  for this Fall season. Fall magic is running full blast at the Disney Springs. Let me show you around all the beautiful things I found on our recent trip to Disney Springs in Orlando Florida.



    Disney Springs opens everyday from 10 am -12am. We got there before it opened and I was able to take lots of pictures without random people in them. Our game plan included taking pictures of all the Fall decorations, go shopping, and eat delicious fall festive foods. We love parking at the Lime Parking garage because it’s near all the newest shopping area.



    To reflect how obsessed I am with Fall, I wore this cute Mickey Pumpkin Hat. You can find it at the Disney parks. I saw it at the Disney stores in Magic Kingdom and also at Epcot. My cousin actually got it for me and said with her year pass account it ran at $21!! What do you think?



    Near the Disney Corner store they have the cutest Fall setup to take pictures in front of it. This would be a great spot to snap a couple family pictures and share beautiful memories with your loved ones.



    In front of the Big Disney store they have a stage where they have live bands playing. It has benches to sit if you want to rest a little in between all the magic.



    Disney Corner store it’s so adorable. All the walls in it l have cute black and white cartoon looking wall paper. I couldn’t resit taking pictures in front of them! I paired my pumpkin mickey hat with my Try Again top and White Strippes  bottoms from EGGIE Shop. Shoes are from Alegria and they are super comfortable.



    I found Mickey and Minnie looking adorable!


    Now, Let’s talk about Disney Halloween edition items. At the Disney Corner store they had a variety of special edition headbands. I want them all!



    Let’s talk about all things pumpkin Mickey!



    They have these  adorable mini pumpkin candy pail buckets.



    They also had ceramic pumpkin Mickey decorations.


    My favorite mickey mug for this season! I am currently drinking my morning coffee out of it. In the back it says Boo to You!



    My new Jack Skellington magnet! It’s a mini plush magnet of Jack Skellington character. He’s currently hanging out of my living room lamp. The magnet effect makes him look like he’s floating. Perfect Disney Magic addition to my living room decor.



    You can’t miss the pumpkin Mickey Trick or Treat basket! They go perfectly with the mini pumpkin mickey light up necklaces and these adorable mickey socks.



    I wanted to share the cute Halloween decorations at the Disney Corner store.



    After seeing all the cute pumpkin Mickeys, it was time to get some Fall treats.



    Take me to Neverland! Following the Disney Springs globe just adds to how magical this experience is.



    For the perfect Fall inspired treats, you have head down to Amorette’s Patisserie. They had displayed all their yummy treats including their seasonal Fall Harvest Petit Cake. This mini cake is made out of nutmeg cinnamon chiffon with salted caramel calvados mousse, cranberry cherry pate de fruit jelly, and roasted hazelnuts.



    I decided to get the pumpkin Mickey Macaroon pop. It’s has a pumpkin creamy center with dark chocolate ears. I think it looks adorable and it tastes amazing!



    After all the sweet treats we were ready to grab lunch.  With so many options to choose from we went with Morimoto Asia restaurant.



    Their menu has a great selection of Asian fusion plates were you can find Korean, Thai, Japaneese, and many other cuisine inspiration. I personally had a hard time choosing what to eat because all the menu items sounded delicious.



    We went with their delicious pork steamed buns. Every time I have a chance to get my hands on some steam buns that’s always what I end up with.



    To pair with my pork steam buns, I got their Duck Ramen bowl. It included half a boiled egg and was garnished with cilantro. I am still dreaming about this!



    My husband got their Spicy Pork Ramen. Everything was delicious! I can’t wait to go to Morimoto Asian again!



    That concludes our Fall adventure at Disney Springs. I hope you enjoyed this post! See you on my next one!










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