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    Ultimate Makeup Routine For Acne prone Skin


    I decided to share my everyday makeup routine. I am no makeup artist, but I do know how to help my skin look the best it can be. Here I will share my most personal details of how I struggled with acne prone skin and how I use makeup to hide my insecurities.

    Growing up, I always struggled with acne prone skin. Dealing with acne was something that was holding me back from feeling my best self. I always felt like hiding every time I had a breakout. Finally, in 2009 I was able to get acne treatment called Accutane. This treatment is very intense and has a lot of side effects. As I was going through the treatments I got some side effects such as: bad acid reflex, super dry lips, and suicide thoughts. Once I finished the treatment my skin looked great, but I continue to struggle with gastritis.

    Now, I am back to struggling with acne due to hormonal issues (PCOS). I decided it’s time for me to take control and not let acne hold me back from feeling beautiful! I came up with a makeup routine that lasts me all day and that doesn’t give me more breakouts. I made a video if you want to watch how I apply the products I am sharing on this blog post. Here’s the link to my Makeup Routine Vlog.

    Here are my Holy grail  Makeup Routine products:

    Moisturizer for Combination Skin

    This Mary Kay moisturizer makes my skin look smooth and silky and not greasy. I apply it before I put makeup and also before I go to bed.


    This Mary Kay primer it’s amazing and it last me for 3-6 months. It makes my makeup glide through and stay all day without looking greasy. I love that it has SPF 15. I discovered that having the SPF on my primer rather than on my foundation products makes my makeup last longer. A great dupe for this prime I would say is the ELF primer for $4 at your local drugstore.


    This Mary Kay TimeWise Matte-wear foundation is my BFF! This tube last me 3-6 months. This foundation provides me with a coverage that I can build up (depending on my breakouts) and becomes flawless without looking cakey. I love applying it with a brush. I also tried it with a beauty blender if that’s your thing. I can’t say enough how much I love this foundation. Believe me I’ve tried sooo many foundations before finding this one. I’ve been using it wince 2011 and I just think it works so well for my skin.


    I am obsessed with Kat Von D Tattoo liner because it’s so easy to apply. It’s like using a sharpie on your eyelid. This pricey eyeliner is so intense and glides through my eyeshadow. I absolutely love it. It makes the wing eye look easy with the felt tip. I can’t use many eyeliners because my eyes are really sensitive and get all red and swollen. However, this eyeliner doesn’t give me allergies and it last me all day.

    Do you struggle with acne prone skin? What products are in your holy grail makeup routine? Leave me a comment about it.  I would love to hear about it and try your favorite products.

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